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A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is a reliable method of dealing with isolated spots of poor wireless coverage inside a large building or public venue. A DAS system works by installing a network of relatively small antennas throughout the building which serve as repeaters. These antennas are physically connected to a central controller which is then connected to the wireless carrier network’s base station, providing seamless communications throughout the facility.


Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) can be either passive or active:


Passive DAS grabs cellphone signals from antennas positioned on the roof, running them through cables throughout the building connected to the antennas.


With Active DAS, the signal is passed from roof antennas or carrier-supplied base stations through fiber cables. Along the way, these active systems boost and amplify signals as needed.


All types of DAS Systems are transparent to mobile devices; providing both voice and data services to mobile devices just like any tower on a cellular network.


 Our in-building DAS projects include large athletic venues, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, casinos, and malls.

Our customers include both carriers and self-maintaining end users.

Paul Brown Stadium

Cincinnati, OH

At Paul Brown Stadium, we installed a complete Tyco headend using a new technology called CDIU, which uses a CPRI fiber cable from a baseband unit, that then connects to the carrier via a CIAD unit. Once connected, it utilizes the Tyco infrastructure to distribute the signal and bypasses the high power remote units used with other systems.

University of Kentucky Stadium

Lexington, KY


At the University of Kentucky Stadium, we installed a complete Commscope DAS in this facility. 

University of Illinois

Chicago, IL

At the University of Illinois, we installed a complete multi-carrier BDA system in the dormitory's basement.

Cox Healthcare

Springfield, IL

At Cox Healthcare, we installed a complete DAS system throughout their multiple facilities.

Memorial Hospital

St. Louis, MO

At Memorial Hospital, we installed a complete multi-carrier DAS for public safety, covering multiple facilities.

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Great American Ball Park

Cincinnati, OH

At Great American Ball Park, we installed a complete headend and Tyco stadium DAS system. The original system has been upgraded several times since its initial installation in order to keep current with the technologies and frequencies required by newer mobile devices.

Cincinnati Microwave

Cincinnati, OH

At Cincinnati Microwave, we installed a complete Mobile Access system in this facility.


Ivy Tech

Evansville, IN

At Ivy Tech, we installed a multi-carrier BDA system throughout the entire school facility.


Library Lane Underground Parking Garage

Ann Arbor, MI

At Library Lane, a 5-story underground parking garage, we installed a DAS system, plus a multi-carrier DAS for public safety


Yum Commerce Crossing

Louisville, KY

At Yum Commerce Crossing, we installed a full ATT DAS system.


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