Mobile Data 

Hardware + Software + Connectivity = Complete Mobile Data System Integration



Mobile Data is a wireless communications solution to help you perform your daily job more safely and effectively. Your mobile data system is custom configured and integrated to suit your unique communication needs. Public safety, EMS, delivery services, field personnel, and drivers  work more efficiently and safely with mobile data.


ComtronICS sets up your unique Mobile Data System in a 3-step turnkey process:


1. We provide and recommend the hardware you want: including Durabook® rugged tablets, Motion® refurbished rugged tablets, laptops, mini PC's, and more.


2. Next we provide the software; either installlng what you currently have or recommending what you may need: Windows®, Office®, Netmotion®, Interact Mobile®, Active911®, and more.


3. As a final step, we provide connectivity support for existing connection to a private network or a commercial carrier: such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint or any local provider of your choice. We also provide satellite mobile devices and services.

Explore our Mobile Data product offerings:

(Please note: These links will direct you external sites for information on products we represent. Call for details on availability of Motion® tablet PC's.


If you purchased an Easy Dash Mount mounting system from ComtronICS, below are links to installation manuals (in PDF format) for select model vehicles.

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