PTSS high volum human portal temperature scanning system


thermal temperature monitoring systems

PTSS and PTSS-K Portal Temperature Scanning Systems

The monitoring of human temperature while minimizing contact will be an ongoing concern in the coming weeks, months, and possibly even years. It will play a huge role in designing camera surveillance systems moving forward.


As the U.S. comes through the COVID19 pandemic and businesses begin to reopen, customers and visitors will feel more comfortable if they see a visible real-time monitoring system in place to prevent anyone who might have a fever from entering the facility. 


ComtronICS/CobaltAV is proud to partner with Optiview in bringing you a family of turnkey non-contact systems which offer highly efficient temperature monitoring solutions designed for venues of every size. The PTSS is suited for higher volume venues. The PTSS-K is intended for lower volume areas.


There are many variations of thermal cameras available today, but most do not accurately display temperature readings in real time, with information to allow for an effective actionable response. PTSS and PTSS-K are a complete human body temperature monitoring solution, customized for your area, which can be set up both inside or outdoors under protection from the elements.


PTSS human portal temperature scanning system

PTSS HIGH VOLUME Portal Temperature Scanning System

PTSS human face detection
PTSS alarm
PTSS human temperature accuracy
PTSS high volume human entry measurement
PTSS surveillance
PTSS face mask detection

All Face


Alarms for Temperatures

over the Threshold

Accurate to 0.5˚C


High Volume


Works in Tandem with

Current Surveillance

Face Mask


PTSS is designed for high volume areas where many people are continuously arriving and leaving. It is ideal for crowded areas where the efficient measuring of multiple people in a short period of time is of vital concern. The camera and detection module are set up so as individuals pass between the two units, their temperature is read quickly and accurately. The person is either allowed to continue on their way, or an alarm sounds and lights flash to alert that they have been identified as having a fever to allow for additional screening.

PTSS is a complete human body temperature monitoring system containing a hybrid thermal camera/temperature detection module, and a Deep Learning NVR. The system is capable of highly accurate body temperature detection +/-0.54˚F (0.9˚C), offering an efficient and contact-free solution.

Easy to set up, the PTSS can be installed indoors or under a canopy outdoors, avoiding sunlight, wind and rain. The camera and temperature detection processor are set up on tripods and connected to the NVR.



Recorded chronology and real time monitoring supported.

Alarm alert at high and low temperatures.

Defines the target area.

Notification by email, audible alarm, white light, snapshot.

Deep Learning NVR tracks daily metrics, capturing every face

Searchable by person or clothing

PTSS tripod set up

Tripod Setup

Wall Mount


PTSS wall mount for thermal camera
PTSS IPTHB8 dual lens thermal camera



Hybrid Dual Lens Thermal Camera

Athermalized Lens

Visible 2 MP 8mm Lens PoE

Thermal 256 x 192, 7mm

White Light & Audio Alarm

Monitor up to 15 people per view

Face Detection

PTSS IPTH-C temperature control processor


Temperature Control Processor

Processes human body temperature

Includes power adapter


Deep Learning NVR

• 16 channel 1U 16PoE NVR

Statistical reporting/exporting

4 channels mask detection

4 channels face recognition

PTSS NVR16P16-2DL Deep Learning NVR


Theme Parks


Schools & Campuses

 Large commercial buildings


Arenas & Stadiums

Schools & Campuses

Hotels & Conference Centers

Public Transportation

Hospitals & Nursing Homes

Large retail & grocery

PTSS adjustable wall mount bracket

Download printable PDF information about the PTSS HIGH VOLUME Portal Temperature Scanning System.

For more information, call or email David Fried: 859-489-6241(Direct)

PTSS-K low volume human portal temperature scanning system kiosk

PTSS-K LOW VOLUME Portal Temperature Scanning System

PTSS low volume human entry measurement

All Face


Alarms for Temperatures

over the Threshold

Accurate to 0.5˚C


Low Volume


Works in Tandem with

Current Surveillance

Face Mask


PTSS-K (Portal Temperature Scanning System-Kiosk) is a turnkey solution that detects and notifies of human temperature readings for lower traffic areas. Our kiosk system will detect human temperatures with an accuracy range of +/-0.5˚C (0.9˚F). Install indoors in several configurations, or deploy at an outside entry that is protected from the elements, to monitor all entrants.

PTSS-K is a complete human body temperature monitoring solution containing a customized thermal camera paired with a kiosk solution and a Deep Learning NVR. The kiosk may be a wall mount, desktop unit or a floor mount.



Regardless of the mounting solution you choose, the kiosk system is

set up indoors or under cover, safe from the elements. It can be mounted on the wall, set on a desktop, or be a freestanding floor mount; then connected to the NVR and monitored in real time. Notification are sent through the Optiview VMX and a License.

The PTSS-K Kiosk system is perfectly suited for lower volume areas where the traffic is at a slower speed. The IPTHK camera is able to "read" 1 person every 0.2 seconds and is accurate within 0.5˚C (0.9˚F). The kiosk system can detect both temperature readings and whether or not the person is wearing a mask.

The IPTHK thermal camera must be set up at 5' above ground level, aimed at the checkpoint area with a "reading area" of 1' up to 6'5" in distance and up to 7'8" in height.

PTSS-K typical system set up


PTSS-K IPTHK thermal camera wall mount


Wall Mount

PTSS-K IPTHK-F. thermal camera floor mount kiosk
PTSS-K IPTHK-D thermal camera desk mount


Desk Mount


5' Floor



Deep Learning NVR

• Track daily metrics

Records video clips of every face

Search by person or vehicle

Search by clothing color/style


Fitness Centers

Spas & Nail Salons

 Boutiques & Small Retail

 Restaurants & Bars


Local Banks

Office Buildings

Nursing Homes

Lobby Areas

Primary Care Doctors' Offices

Dentists & Eye Doctors

 Small Places of Worship

Download printable PDF information about the PTSS-HIGH VOLUME Portal Temperature Scanning System.

For more information, call or email David Fried: 859-489-6241(Direct)


PTSS/PTSS-K is not a medical device, therefore it is not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease or other medical condition.


For information on how to take care of your gear during this pandemic crisis, see our Covid19 Guidelines

PTSS PTSS-K accurate temperature range +/- 0.5˚F
PTSS PTSS-K high efficiency system
PTSS PTSS-K non-contact solution for human temperature scanning
PTSS PTSS-K internally manageable human temperature monitoring system