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System Integration


ComtronICS supports all aspects of interoperability through a combination of our 40 years' expertise and our "thinking outside the box" approach to solving the unique communication needs of small agile companies.


System Integration is a detailed process of bringing together multiple component subsystems into a single system, thereby ensuring that all the subsystems function seamlessly together within the system. System Integration links together different computing systems and software applications, whether physically or functionally, to act as a coordinated whole, integrating as a wireless communication system.


A System Integrator brings together all systems by utilizing a variety of techniques such as computer networking, enterprise application integration, business process management, or manual programming to achieve the desired result for your unique application.


system is an aggregation of subsystems working in concert so that the final single system can deliver overarching functionality. System integration involves the integrating of existing though often disparate systems into a functional whole.


System integration (SI) is also about adding value to the system, with new capabilities that become possible through the interactions between subsystems.

In our connected world, system integration engineering is essential. 

Today most systems are designed to interconnect--both within the system under construction as well as to systems that are already being deployed.


Interoperability is the process of making systems and organizations work together seamlessly (inter-operate). While formerly defined as "information exchange for information technology" or "systems engineering services", today the term "interoperability" takes into account a number of social, political, and organizational factors which impact system-to-system performance.


The complex task of building coherent services for users when the individual components are technically different and/or managed by different organizations can be a daunting prospect, and ComtronICS' experience excels.



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