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Come to us for custom wireless communication solutions.

With over four decades of designing wireless solutions for our customers' unique communication needs, ComtronICS is uniquely qualified to design customized systems for your most specialized applications and situations. We are internationally recognized with a track record of expertise.

ComtronICS offers well-priced technical services and quality products; along with intelligent solutions developed for each customer's exacting requirements. Our high level of personal service continues well beyond the sale, as our loyal customers will affirm. You will always receive a prompt response from us.


Check out our product and service offerings. We regularly introduce new and innovative products, systems, and concepts to help you perform your job more safely and efficiently. 

Staying protected while connected: About COVID19 & sanitizing your gear

Instructions on how to safely clean your communication equipment from smartphones to headsets and more. READ ON--

How can we help improve your wireless communications?

ComtronICS is your single source provider of headsets, Motorola® radios, and a huge variety of state-of-the-art wireless audio accessories and equipment for use in every kind of commercial application. Our custom designed turnkey wireless communication systems are specified for industrial plants, nuclear plants, public safety, energy, paper products manufacturing, educational facilities, and public venues of all kinds. We also provide telemetry hardware and create software networks.


As leaders in wireless system design, ComtronICS provides products and services to enhance the performance of every type worker, offering a full range of Bluetooth® accessories, routers, hardware, software and more. Our expertise and attention to detail ensures you will receive the right solution for your unique communication needs.

Newsworthy NOW!

ComtronICS has developed a new communication system for the nuclear industry, the Cobalt AV Nuclear Video Work Station. This innovative concept provides customized seamless communication in nuclear plant outages, central monitoring, and work control coordination giving participants point-to-point or point-to-multipoint conversation and viewing ability over an internal network.

NEW Amazon® Store!

We have gathered a collection of our most popular Radio Accessory Kits from Cobalt AV, available on Amazon® with FREE standard shipping!

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Let's talk about your communication needs!

The right combination of communication tools connects us together seamlessly, allowing us to perform our jobs more accurately, safely, and efficiently. Let ComtronICS advise your organization on solving your most unique communication needs!

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